Definitive hernia repair

There is no guarantee that a hernia will not return after surgery. The best way to reduce your chances of recurrence are to avoid smoking and achieve a normal body weight prior to surgery. You will also need to avoid abdominal stressors such as straining, heavy lifting, chronic cough, and weight regain after surgery. Repairing recurrent hernias (those that have occurred after previous repair) are exceedingly complex difficult cases, and the chance for definitive (lasting repair) goes down with each subsequent operation. Your first hernia surgery therefore represents your best chance at achieving a lasting repair, so you will need to reduce as many personal risk factors for recurrence as much as possible before your first operation and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle afterwards.

This page was modified on Aug 30, 2022 by Dr. Sadek (Surgeon) of Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics
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