Dr. Lora Melman

Dr Melman 300 x 471 CroppedDr. Melman is a Fellowship-trained, Board-certified, and daVinci robot-certified Specialist offering patients the latest in cutting-edge surgical techniques together in combination with Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERAS) and the benefits of Multi-modal peri-operative Pain Management. Her extensive experience in combining these strategies helps to reduce recovery time and hastens return to normal activity. Dr. Melman offers minimal-access surgery for adrenal masses, heller myotomy for achalasia, surgical treatment for severe reflux disease (GERD), and comprehensive care for surgical weight loss (Bariatrics). She also has conducted extensive research in the area of biomaterials (hernia meshes) for repair of all types of abdominal wall and diaphragmatic hernias. New mesh materials are being developed at a stunningly rapid rate and the number of available choices will only increase with continuing expansion of technology. Dr. Melman’s ongoing expertise in the proper selection and use of biomaterials and her commitment to excellence in providing a tailored-approach for each patient is what makes her a leader in the field of Hernia Repair. The techniques she uses are directly learned from world-renowned Hernia experts and benefit the full range of patients from those seeking repair of first-time occurrences to those requiring a multi-disciplinary approach and comprehensive plan involving Abdominal Wall Reconstruction. Dr. Melman’s goal is to work closely with patients to help them achieve optimal outcomes while also minimizing risk(s) of postoperative complications, recurrence(s), and chronic pain.

Her motto is: “Better Faster through Technology and Technique.”

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