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Our team’s primary goals are patient safety and success. That’s why we always strive to be the best. Since 2008, Dr. Sadek has been ranked as a top surgeon by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. He continues to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and techniques, consistently researching and improving his practice. With his focus on patient safety, satisfaction, and success, it’s no wonder that patients see such amazing results!

Dr. Sadek and his team have an incredible track record with bariatric procedures – being far below the national average for complications and readmissions. Plus, they are the premier team for non-surgical treatments, as well. They have already placed hundreds balloons, with new patients coming in every week. In addition to having the best skills during the procedure, Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics provides the best in aftercare, helping patients get back to their lives and loved ones sooner!

This unique, dual-balloon system fits naturally in the stomach, filling more space while accommodating the natural anatomy reducing discomfort and nausea some patients may feel following their procedure.The ReShape Balloon is completely reversible and requires minimal downtime for recovery. Post-procedure, patients receive 12 months of individualized support to ensure they stay on track towards weight-loss success!

Patients who lose weight with this gastric balloon may notice other healthy, positive changes in their lives, such as:

  • Improvement or remission of weight-related conditions like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and COPD
  • Better sleep

  • Reduced stress
  • More energy
  • Overall improvement of quality of life

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This procedure is non-surgical, quick, and painless and generally takes only 20 minutes! The process involves 5 steps:

  1. Patients receive a light sedation – which calms them without putting them to sleep, also known as “twilight sedation.”
  2. The balloon is inserted through the mouth via an endoscope.
  3. A saline solution – salt water – is used to fill and inflate the balloon.
  4. The endoscope is removed from the mouth.
  5. The patient goes home the same day!

The ReShape Balloon is designed for safety; by using two balloons, its chance of complication is exponentially reduced. In the unlikely event of a balloon rupture, the second, connected balloon holds the device in place in the stomach. Additionally, the saline solution that fills this gastric balloon is dyed blue, quickly indicating a break by changing the color of the patient’s urine.

Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics has a track record of safety. Their team is far below the national average for complication & readmission rates, with zero mortalities. This care and concern goes into the placement of every ReShape Balloon.At Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics, it’s our goal to help everyone achieve their personal weight-loss goals. Candidates who are eligible for this procedure generally:

  • Have a BMI between 30 and 40
  • Have not undergone prior weight-loss surgery
  • Are willing to make changes towards a healthy lifestyle
  • Work well cooperating with a team and following their advice

If you fit the above, then you might be a perfect fit for this non-surgical procedure!


Step 1: Patient registers on ReShape Balloon™ Patient Portal or Retrofit Patient Portal and records initial weight
Step 2: At the time of balloon placement, Physician office completes, signs and faxes or mails the rebate form to ReShape Lifesciences™
Step 3: At the three (3), six (6), nine (9) and twelve (12) month check points the Physician office completes, signs and faxes or mails rebate form to ReShape Lifesciences within 30 days of each checkpoint
Step 4: Qualified patients will receive rebates within eight weeks of each rebate form receipt

“ReShape Rewards Program” is a rebate program that works by providing you (the patient) up to $1,200 in mail-in rebates from ReShape Lifesciences for your first balloon insertion by your treating Physician. All qualifying, eligible patients losing 10% of their total body weight at the third (3) month check point will be eligible for a $300 mail-in rebate. Patients losing 15% of their total body weight at the sixth (6) month check point will be eligible for an additional $300 mail-in rebate ($600 total rebate if combined with previous rebate). Patients losing 18% of their total body weight at the ninth (9) month check point will be eligible for an additional $300 mail-in rebate ($900 total rebate if combined with all previous rebates). Patients losing 20% or more of their total body weight at the twelfth (12) month check point will be eligible for an additional $300 mail-in rebate ($1,200 total rebate if combined with all previous rebates). To qualify for this offer, you and your Physician must properly complete a rebate form following each applicable weigh-in and register your weight on the ReShape Balloon Patient Portal or Retrofit Patient Portal. You must further agree to all stated disclosures and waivers. The ReShape Balloon used in your treatment must be purchased legally in the U.S. and administered in accordance with a valid prescription by a licensed Physician. Percent total body weight loss must meet criteria by the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth check points – if you (the patient) are not able to meet the check point criteria you are still eligible for the next rebate if you qualify. For eligibility, the balloon procedure must be scheduled by September 28th, 2018. You must provide the rebate forms to your treating Physician, and the forms must be completed, signed and faxed or mailed within 30 days of each rebate check point. Total percent weight lost will be determined, by your Physician, at the three, six, nine and twelve month check points and entered, by your Physician into the form, and then confirmed via the portal. Qualified patients will receive rebates within eight (8) weeks of qualifying event. If you have questions about this offer, please call toll free 1-844-355-5974. Rebate requests postmarked or sent by facsimile after September 28th, 2018, will not be considered.

You must be 22 years of age or older to be eligible. Patient, Pharmacist, and prescriber agree not to seek reimbursement from any third party for all or any part of the benefit received by the patient through the offer. You are eligible for this offer only if you paid for your entire treatment yourself and if no part of your treatment was covered by insurance or another third-party payer. You are not eligible for this offer if your private insurance, HMO, or other health benefit program paid for all or part of your treatment. If any form of reimbursement is sought from a third-party, you will be required to disclose the value of this rebate to that party or entity. This offer is available only to qualifying patients, excluding claims from ReShape Lifesciences employees and their spouses. This offer is non-transferable. No substitutions are permitted. No membership fees are associated with this offer. Offer valid only in the U.S., from participating Physicians. Void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. To locate participating Physicians, visit or call 1-844-355-5974.

This offer is limited to one redemption per person and cannot be combined with any other ReShape Lifesciences offer or promotion. No other purchase is necessary. This rebate is not insurance. By submitting a rebate request, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this offer. ReShape Lifesciences reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer without notice. All rebate requests become the property of ReShape Lifesciences and will not be returned. ReShape Lifesciences assumes no responsibility for lost, late, damaged, misdirected, misaddressed or incomplete requests that fail to be properly delivered for any reason. Rebate checks will be issued in U.S. dollars only. Rebate checks are void if not cashed or used within 180 days. It is illegal to sell, purchase, trade, or counterfeit, or offer to sell, purchase, trade, or counterfeit the rebate check.

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