Why would I regain weight after Weight Loss Surgery? (WLS)

According to numerous studies, the majority of patients that undergo Weight Loss Surgery regain a significant amount of weight after the procedure. One common cause of this is the gradual stretching of the stomach or pouch outlet. Experts have proven that once the stomach and pouch begin to progressively stretch, it will take the patient longer to feel full and can soon regain the weight. The standard-of-care WLS procedure includes a reduction of the stomach and outlet size to decrease the amount of food a patient can eat. The new small size of the stomach and outlet also slows the digestive track process down by decelerating the passage of food. This can help the patient to feel fuller longer.* This combination can result in a dramatic decrease in calories, which in turn can help with weight loss.

This page was modified on Aug 13, 2020 by Dr. Sadek (Surgeon) of Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics
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