LINX: The Link to Acid Reflux Relief!

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by Our Team

1 out of every 5 Americans suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) – better known as acid reflux. Its most frequent symptoms include a burning pain in the chest that only worsens upon lying down, nausea, and belching. However, there’s good news for 20% of the population: the LINX system can provide relief.

What is Acid Reflux?

GERD is mainly caused by a defect at the bottom of the esophagus where the valve leading to the stomach does not close completely. This allows food particles and stomach acid to reenter the esophagus, causing irritation which leads to the discomfort many Americans experience.

How Can You Stop GERD?

There are several approaches to controlling acid reflux. The simplest solution is a diet and lifestyle change. Doctors recommend avoiding spicy and fatty foods as well as ingredients like onions, citrus, and chocolate which can exacerbate stomach discomfort.

For more serious cases of GERD, some people purchase antacids or consult their doctor to receive a protein-pump inhibitor.

If these solutions aren’t enough, LINX could be the answer!

What is the LINX System?

LINX is designed to fix more severe cases of acid reflux that medication and diet changes can’t resolve. The LINX System is a series of titanium beads with magnetic centers; these beads form a ring slightly larger than a quarter, which is then placed around the esophageal sphincter through a minimally-invasive procedure.


What are the Benefits of the LINX Procedure?

The magnetic beads create a loose, yet secure seal around the patient’s stomach opening. There are no changes to stomach anatomy, but its normal functions of containing stomach acid are restored.

Other GERD surgeries create a “one-way valve.” Since food and liquid can only enter the stomach, patients have difficulty burping or vomiting; LINX does not have this drawback!

With enough force – like swallowing or belching – LINX’s band can be “broken,” which allows for food to enter the stomach and gas to exit. However, the seal cannot be “broken” by the stomach acid, which prevents GERD.

According to manufacturer, Torax Medical, other benefits for LINX patients include:

  • 85% of LINX patients went off daily reflux medication
    • 88% reported no heartburn symptoms
    • 89% reported no regurgitation

Choose Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics for Your LINX Procedure!

Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics is the Reflux Center of New Jersey. We’re the best choice for any gastrointestinal needs! Our skilled surgeons are experienced with minimally-invasive procedures that heal GERD-related issues with practically no scarring.

We are always researching and improving our methods to give our patients the best care. That is why we are one of the first to adopt the LINX system as a solution for acid reflux! Don’t wait and continue suffering, call us today!

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