Weight-loss Tips: Fact or Fiction?

Posted on: May 31st, 2017 by Our Team

Which weight-loss tips are fact and which are fiction?

1. Eating before 7PM speeds up weight loss.

False! When you eat doesn’t matter as much as what you eat. Keep an eye on what you are eating. Are you eating when you aren’t hungry? Avoid mindless eating with a food diary!

A food diary doesn’t mean you are policing yourself. It simply shows when unhealthy eating occurs.

Food diaries allow you to address and adapt your habits to have a more well-balanced diet. Bariatric procedures can also help you combat overeating eating.

  1. You only need cardio in your workout regimen.

False! Cardio isn’t enough for a healthy exercise routine.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise or 1.25 hours of vigorous activity per week. You should also engage in strength-building exercises, like lifting weights or planking, twice a week.

Activities for both muscle-strengthening and cardio are important for your health.

Reminder— sleep is vital! Seven to eight hours of sleep a night allows our bodies to produce Leptin; an important hormone that tells your body when it is full. Plus, you burn 60 calories an hour sleeping!

  1. You should build a support system.

True! A support system will be your biggest motivator. Surround yourself with people that motivate you to exercise and eat a well-balanced diet.

Learn how to make delicious, bariatric-friendly food and find others to share with. Build the right exercise routine for you after your bariatric procedure and find gym friends to motivate you to get out there!

At Advanced Surgical, we offer:

  • Seminars to provide you with free and unbiased information about sleeve gastrectomy, LAP-BAND, gastric bypass, and the Obalon Balloon System weight-loss procedures
  • Blogs
  • Baritrack nutrition supplements
  • Bariatric support groups
  • Nutritionists for both pre and post-operation
  • Bariatric-friendly recipes found on our Facebook page
  1. Drinking water before meals helps with weight loss.

True! Drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller, and drinking 500mL of water can boost your metabolism by over 20%.

Water is the healthiest drink clocking in at 0 calories!

Mild dehydration, as little as 2% loss of your water weight, can make you feel fatigues and make exercise more difficult, according to Dr. Barry M. Popkin, Professor of Nutrition, at the University of North Carolina.

After sleeve gastrectomy, LAP-Band, gastric bypass, and the Obalon Balloon System bariatric procedures, you should know what tips to use and what to avoid during your bariatric journey!

Our team at Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics can put you on the right path, helping you avoid weight-loss myths! We support you throughout the process of determining the best nutrition plan and bariatric procedure for you.

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