Obesity on the Brain

Posted on: March 16th, 2017 by Our Team

There’s new research that obesity effects the body and the mind.


If you’re obese, you’re 35% more likely to have Alzheimer’s Disease than someone who maintains a healthy weight. Currently, there are two possible reasons why:


1.      Body fats are causing an unhealthy overload of proteins in the brain

2.      Body fats negatively affect the amount of interleukin—a natural protein that allows cells to communicate with one another—in the body


The buildup of fat can affect stress hormones which make you crave carbs, like bread and cheese, and decrease your likelihood of feeling full. Stomach fat in particular can produce stress hormones in the body which decrease a person’s ability to think. People with a greater body fat content are actually more likely to have increased cerebral atrophy—otherwise known as a decline in brain effectiveness—in their temporal lobe.


Researchers theorize that the consequences of body fat mimic the domino effect. The National Institute on Aging explains that the more fat in the body, the more fattier acids there are in the body, and the more likely cells will become resistant to insulin made by the pancreas. This makes the pancreas work even harder to create more insulin for the purposes of removing sugar from the blood stream. It’s the domino effect—one issue leads to another issue.


The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that as early as the “2000s, researchers turned their attention to obesity itself as an independent threat to the brain.” Because obesity can increase a person’s likelihood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, obesity is also linked to dementia.


But there’s an upside to all of these gloomy results: the effects of excess body fat on your brain can be reversed! A healthy diet, exercise, and a weight-loss procedure could all help you make the turnaround.


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