Gastric Bypass May Be the Key to a Healthy Heart

Posted on: February 9th, 2017 by Our Team

It’s heart health awareness month! Our heart health is important to everyday life. Just in case heart health hasn’t been at the top of your mind, here’s your dosage of heart health awareness for today:

Let’s talk about blood pressure. What is it? Answer: It’s the physical force of blood against the artery walls. It’s similar to the force of water that’s being pumped through a gardening hose. Maintaining a healthy circulation of blood through our body keeps us alive and healthy.

But your blood doesn’t flow at a constant rate. Think of a gardening hose again; the pressure of water being pumped out depends on how hard you squeeze the nozzle handle. The same thing happens when you work out. Your heart works harder and your blood pressure may increase. When you’re sitting still, your blood doesn’t need to pump as fast and your blood pressure decreases.

If your heart works too hard due to stress or even being overweight, your blood pressure will increase as will your risk of heart disease.

Almost two-thirds of obese patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure. This can contribute to health complications including strokes and heart disease.

Excess body weight can also lead to diabetes, joint stress, and some cancers.

Gastric bypass surgery may be the answer to improving your long-term blood pressure! A study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center suggests that some severely obese patients, upon losing large amounts of weight due to gastric bypass surgery, show great improvement in blood pressure and overall health. One-third of the patients in this study who used blood pressure medication were able to successfully stop taking or decrease their use of the medication.

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