How To Have a Healthy Pregnancy as a WLS Post-Op

Posted on: May 31st, 2016 by Our Team

Boston, MA (May 2016) – In a recent article published by Obesity Help, Dr. Ragui Sadek and Andrew Wassef of Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics discuss the benefits of weight loss surgery on pregnancy along with key factors to ensure a healthy pregnancy post-surgery.

Many women who suffer from obesity also struggle with infertility issues and can benefit from the restoration of the normal ovulatory cycle that weight loss surgery can provide.

“Yet from the primary benefit of weight loss, there are many secondary benefits to post-operative pregnancy. Many ask, ‘will weight-loss surgery affect my chances of becoming pregnant?’ The answer simply put is YES, and in a very profound way.”

With many women who were diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), weight loss surgery was reported to boost their fertility and in some, a complete resolution of the PCOS symptoms. While some patients can conceive as early as one month post-operatively, Dr. Ragui Sadek cautions patients who wish to get pregnant right away, and generally recommends they wait at least 18 months before trying to conceive.

Dr. Sadek goes on to discuss the reduction in complications as well as the effect that exercise post –surgery has on a healthy pregnancy. “The main take home message for bariatric patients who are worried about the overall risks in pregnancy is: You are in a much better position now than you think you were prior to weight loss surgery!”

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About Dr. Ragui Sadek of Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics

Dr. Ragui Sadek is a leader in the bariatric surgical field in the United States. A Clinical Assistant Professor of surgery at RWJ Medical School and the Director of bariatric surgery program at RWJ University Hospital, Dr. Sadek has established a state-of-the-art and one of the safest bariatric surgery programs in the state. His program has a complication rate far below the national average, while providing cutting edge patient care within the laparoscopic, robotic, and bariatric surgery techniques. Dr. Sadek initiated the Bariatric Surgery program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where, prior to his arrival, weight loss surgery was not being performed. He is now the senior most minimally invasive bariatric surgeon. Dr. Sadek assumed a leadership role as the Director of Bariatric Center of excellence at RWJUH and oversees all of the care rendered to the hospital’s bariatric patients, including anesthesia, radiology, floor and preoperative nursing, and consulting services. Dr. Sadek has completed his residency and an advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery fellowship at SIUH. Later, he went on to finish a surgical critical care and trauma fellowship at the UMDNJ Newark campus. Dr. Sadek joined a private practice in 2006 and performed a wide variety of advanced laparoscopic and bariatric procedures. More than three thousand advanced surgical procedures later, he established a strong patient satisfaction rate and a solid reputation among the surgical community. Dr. Sadek is a happily married father of twins, and readily enjoys playing soccer and tennis!

About Andrew M Wassef of Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics

Andrew M Wassef is surgical research investigator with a focus on minimally invasive bariatric & metabolic surgery. In collaboration with Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics, Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Princeton University he has designed and is presently conducting several IRB and basic science studies focusing solely on bariatric surgery. With the potential breadth of knowledge gained from these studies he hopes to shed some light on the etiology of co-morbid conditions as well the biochemical, psychological and neurological pathways associated with the progression of obesity.

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